Introducing Cultural Proficiency in Practice

(3 Day workshop)

This is the game changer – an innovative and brilliantly designed workshop that’s proven to “Bridge the Gap” between Aboriginal staff and non-Aboriginal staff, by enabling participants and work teams to develop an understanding of Cultural Proficiency, Competency, Sensitivity and Safety and understand how it aligns to Diversity and Workplace Inclusion.

Motivating all participants on how to contribute to the development of professional relationships based on the acceptance of cultural identity and diversity.

Providing real world strategies and tools to help everyone work more cohesively as a team. In the context of diversity and inclusion, we deep dive into the concepts of cultural proficiency, competency, sensitivity, and safety – exploring how these important pillars of workplace relations are fundamental drivers to increased productivity.

A significant focus is placed on building self-awareness, encouraging confidence, and improving inter-cultural communication between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal workers in your team.

Implement the game-changer across your entire organisation – make it mandatory!

The primary objective of this workshop is for teams to work together, collaborate and develop cohesive working relationships.

No other program compares to Cultural Proficiency in Practice – from the Inside-Out. The program is built on the concept that if someone has the capacity to do the job, their cultural background does not matter.

Christine re-invents the idea that a person must fit the culture of their workplace (which is the ‘outside-in’ approach). Instead, Christine applies the ‘inside-out’ approach. Carefully, sensitively, and expertly, Christine takes the group on an eye-opening journey of discovery and awareness, navigating the minefield of what’s discriminatory, and what’s not.

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