The Testimonials on this page are from verifiable clients, all who have engaged with our services.

“We have had the pleasure of engaging Coyne & Associates over the past 7 years. Christine Coyne has worked with us in achieving strategic planning. cultural awareness, balancing both Worlds for Aboriginal staff, personal development and Indigenous Women in Leadership.  Her expertise was truly impressive. Christine’s professionalism and high standard of work were evident in every aspect of the contract. She not only had a deep understanding of business, but also had a unique ability to make it relevant for our organisation. What stood out the most about Christine was her collaborative approach. She worked closely with the CEO taking the time to understand our needs and goals, and together we were able to achieve the best outcome for the organisation. Her knowledge and guidance were invaluable in helping us navigate through the complexities of the projects and professional development. I highly recommend Christine her expertise, professionalism, and collaborative approach make her an exceptional consultant to work with. Thank you, Christine, for your dedication and commitment you have made a lasting impact on our organisation and we are grateful for your contributions.”

Joanne Della Bona

CEO, Moorditch Gurlongga Association

“I have known Christine Coyne both personally and professionally for over a decade. In that time, she has proven to be loyal, honest and extremely competent. Christine’s ability to work cooperatively with key stakeholders and secure outstanding outcomes by collating and implementing best practice methodologies ensure a consistency of excellence.”

Clinton Wolf

Managing Director National Indigenous Times

“I went twice! Having attended this course the past two years, has kept me on track to becoming the leader I strive to be. The course content was clear, precise, and easy to follow. It pushed me to self-reflect and re-focus on what I need to continue to work on and do something about it. Christine helped me to ‘Look inward and not outward’, this has been the most useful advice I have received in some time.”

Tonia Sambo

The Water Corporation Indigenous Women in Leadership Workshop

“Christine Coyne and Associates have been engaged by Wanslea Inc. to provide specific cultural advice and mentoring of an extremely high standard in terms of HR information and procedures and working with Aboriginal clients and staff. Her professionalism is highly regarded and as a result her company has been engaged in an ongoing capacity. This isincludes delivering a number of Cultural Supervisor Workshops. Additionally, Christine delivered a Team Building workshop to address a number of concerns within one of our regional teams, both workshops were well received and the desired outcomes achieved. Christine shows clarity in terms of outcomes and is very fair mindedin all discussions. As an associate Christine is balanced, focused and prompt in communication and addressing any areas of concern. Christine gets the job done in a timely manner. A strength of using this Company is the cultural background that comes with her knowledge and experience over many years.“

Robyn Collard

Practice leader Aboriginal Programs Wanslea

“I have known Chris for many years, and she had become my mentor to support me in learning to manoeuvre through the complexity of working in a corporate environment. I have also worked with Chris as an Associate in co-delivering workshops, a panellist and co-ordinating workshop catering. Additionally, I sought Chris’ expertise to assist me in two program evaluations that were well received by the contractor and funding body. Chris has a wealth of experience, professionalism, and integrity. This is evident in the amount and diversity of work she has undertaken during her employment and for her own business.”

Yasmin Jill Abdullah

(MA Soc Sci)
(MA Comm & Cult Studies)

“This was the second time I had attended the training, yet I still found myself just an engaged as the first time and even managed to learn a few more things about the history of Aboriginal culture. I think the virtual offering (due to COVID) was certainly a huge testament to Christine’s ability to facilitate training and deliver a package which is still super interesting despite it being virtual – it was engaging and informative and I never felt like I lost focus.”

Paul Mamotte

Shell Australia

“The presentation was very good. The workshop really got me thinking of things I had not previously thought of before and this is something I am going to be more mindful of in the future. In summary:

  • Content was very relevant and easy to follow
  • Christine is very relatable and knowledgeable on the subjects
  • Her sharing of her own life experiences brings the human factor into the training and helped me to engage with topics
  • Duration and breaks worked well

Thanks Christine, I really enjoyed the training. This was my first long virtual workshop, and it ran very well.”

Indigenous Women’s Leadership Workshop

Participant feedback

“Over the years I have engaged with Coyne and Associates for guidance and support in developing strong working relationships with Aboriginal companies and various regional groups. Christine, the founder of Coyne and associates, has always been proactive and clear in the approach to take and the support provided has allowed me to deliver collective success that has benefited all. Cultural Awareness Training is another important part of Coyne and Associates business used and all who participated improved their awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture. I will continue to use Coyne and Associates for guidance, education and support and would highly recommend the company and Christine to all who are considering using their/ her services.”

Paul Nugent

General Manager,
Northern Rise Village Services

“Westpac have been utilising Christine’s services for the delivery of a series of localised Cultural Awareness Workshops for our Leaders across Regional WA. Christine has been able to facilitate and promote open and honest discussions from participants. As a result, many myths have been dispelled and she has created higher levels of understanding and respect of the Aboriginal culture. Christine’s ability to provide her own personal insights, experiences and her journey has proven most beneficial, giving a sense of reality and currency to all participants. We will be continuing to utilise Christine’s services for future WA workshops and have no hesitation in recommending her work.”

National Head of Indigenous Business

Westpac Australian Financial Services