Aboriginal Engagement strategies that makes a difference

Introducing CCA Consultancy & Advisory Services

We help your workplace develop culturally inclusive work practices.

Christine provides bespoke, high-quality Aboriginal Consultancy Services, delivering innovative advisory strategies that support her clients’ business goals whilst empowering Aboriginal stakeholders at the same time.

It starts by mapping out your specific needs, and then providing the culturally appropriate tools you will need to help you facilitate respectful engagement.

Today, the wide variety of CCA services include (but are not limited to):

Aboriginal Engagement Strategies

Management & Implementation Plans

Reconciliation Action Plans

Community and Business Engagement Plans

Tailored Training Programs

Customised Training Development

Aboriginal Recruitment Services

Coaching and Mentoring Services

Cultural Safety Audit

Tender Submissions

Stakeholder Surveys

If your organisation has Aboriginal stakeholders – including staff, customers, and suppliers – you too will benefit from a structured CCA Aboriginal Engagement Plan.

An Engagement strategy ensures all systems are culturally sensitive and inclusive. Sometimes it requires a company-wide procedural audit to help identify any inbuilt culturally unsafe practices. We can then help your team develop a clear understanding of the many barriers Aboriginal people face, assisting your management team to act in a culturally appropriate manner.

Whether it’s sensitively engaging with Aboriginal staff, Aboriginal customers, or Aboriginal contractors, we significantly increase Aboriginal participation rates, assisting in staff retention and career progression. CCA has the specialist expertise to help.

Call today for a yarn and we can discuss the most suitable service for you.

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Our Mission

To build capacity, shift mindsets, and increase self-awareness

Our Vision

To contribute to a more inclusive society, respecting all cultures.