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This workshop has been designed to ensure that Managers and Supervisors understand how to adapt these processes and provides the necessary tools to manage the process in a more culturally appropriate way to ensure Aboriginal employees feel culturally safe. Managers and Supervisors are required to manage, guide and coach Aboriginal staff.  This often includes the Performance Management process.  However often, they have not received the necessary training required to effectively embed cultural differences into the employee management process. 

Workshop Content

Session 1: Cultural Proficiency & Competency

This session will enable participants to develop a greater understanding of:

  • Guiding principles of Cultural Proficiency and why it is important.

  • Aboriginal Cultural Competency and how to apply it.

  • The Concept of Culture and steps to minimize Cultural Bias.

  • Cultural Sensitivity and Cultural Safety.

Session 2: Intercultural Communication

This session examines general differences and various forms of communication between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, and :

  • Provides information about how culture dictates how Aboriginal people communicate.

  • Explores intercultural communication – barriers and consideration.

  • Explores strategies to overcome communication across cultures.

Session 3: Managing Day to Day Issues and Cultural Considerations

This session aims to provide Managers and Supervisor with a better understanding of how to:

  • Develop strategies that will address barriers and assist in creating a shared workplace culture that values individuals.

  • Develop strategies to guide, motivate, coach, and empower Aboriginal employees.

Session 4: Diversity and Workplace Inclusion

This session aims to confirm the principles of Diversity and Workplace Inclusion and explores:

  • How do we implement inclusion strategies?

  • How can you contribute to the Development of Professional Relationships based on Acceptance of Cultural Diversity?

  • Valuing and Managing Workplace Inclusion.


At a higher level, the focus is to assist companies to develop their internal capacity to manage their Aboriginal employees and to develop a better understanding of the differences that may/can apply when managing Aboriginal staff. 

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