Ready For Take Off- Preparation for FIFO


This workshop has been designed to enable Aboriginal people to be better informed when entering a FIFO role.  The workshop aims to better prepare Aboriginal employees for both the lifestyle changes and the many challenges that are associated with working in a FIFO role.

The workshop will include information about what to expect both on and off-site and will include success stories from other Aboriginal people currently working in the industry, the strategies they used to maintain their employment, what to expect and how to be fully prepared when considering a FIFO role.


Also incorporated into the program are tips on how exercise and healthy eating can assist in managing stress and increasing work productivity.

Workshop Content:

Session 1:

  • Introduction – Working as a FIFO.

  • Aboriginal Employment Opportunities.

  • Considerations when taking on a FIFO role/lifestyle.

Session 2:

  • FIFO Benefits.

  • FIFO Challenges.

Session 3:

  • Success Stories.

  • Strategies for Success.


This workshop will provide participants with a greater understanding of the FIFO lifestyle, identify the rewards, benefits and challenges being a FIFO worker offers both the individual and the family; and be able to develop strategies to overcome challenges and capitalize on both career development and financial opportunities.