Personal Development

Many Aboriginal people lack the confidence to undertake what many non-Aboriginal people would consider “simple or easy.”  Although we are in the twentieth century there are many Aboriginal people who have yet to “fly, visit a city or engage with a diverse range of non-Aboriginal people.  “They continue to live outside of the mainstream world.” 

Their interaction with non-Aboriginal people is limited and for many a daunting experience for fear of prejudice, rejection or confidence in inter-cultural communication and the like.  Therefore, their ability to converse with non-Aboriginal people or access services is impeded and remains as one of biggest “gaps”.

Additionally, many Aboriginal people have not had the opportunity to develop life skills that enable them to identify opportunities that meet their aspirations or to realise their full potential.  This includes how we should be look after ourselves to maintain a positive outlook and understand the Mind Body Connection.



Session 1: Self Awareness

This session will enable participants to develop a greater awareness of their:

  • Personal strengths and weaknesses.

  • Establish and maintain effective and healthy relationships.

  • Get along and work productively with others.

  • Deal more effectively with the demands and pressures of daily living.

  • Become more disciplined and goal-oriented in future.


Session 2: Stress Management

This session will provide participants with a better understanding of:

  • What is Stress?

  • What is healthy Stress?

  • What is unhealthy Stress?

  • Stress management techniques.



Session 3: Intercultural Communication

This session will:

  • Provide guidance to develop participant’s communication skills to enable them to implement effective personal and professional relationships with non-Aboriginal people.

  • Provide an overview of considerations and barriers that apply to intercultural communication.

  • Explore perceptions from both an Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal perspective.

  • Explores strategies to overcome communication across cultures

Session 4: Conflict Resolution

This session will include:

  • What is Conflict.

  • Causes of conflict.

  • Stages of conflict.

  • Different behavioral responses to conflict.

  • Strategies for managing conflict and resolve conflict.

Session 5: Team Building

This session will include:

  • Understanding the benefits of working in a team.

  • The role of individuals in a team environment.

  • Respecting and understanding other team members.

Session 6: Goal Setting

This session will include:

  • Goal setting, understanding the benefits of setting goals.

  • Understand how setting goals can motivate individuals to pursue either personal and professional aspirations.

Session 7: Strategies for Success

This session will include:

  • Stay on the path - Keep your eye on the prize.

  • How to maintain the focus, actions for outcomes.

  • How to access and utilise, support Structures.

  • The will to succeed.


The workshop will enable participants to have a deeper understanding of the training elements and tools to set goals and plans to achieve success. Through an increased self-awareness and understanding the needs of others, participants will develop the emotional intelligence to manage relationships, technical skills and have a better understanding of their own aspirations and abilities. 

Our aim is to shift behavior from a negative view to a positive view as well as a heightened self-confidence.