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Personal Development

Personal Development Workshop

This program has been designed primarily for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.  Many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people lack the confidence to undertake what many non-Aboriginal people would consider “simple or easy.”  

Although we are in the twentieth century there are many Aboriginal people who have yet to “fly, visit a city or engage with many non-Aboriginal people.  They continue to live outside of the mainstream world.”  Their interaction with non-Aboriginal people is limited and for many can be a daunting experience for fear of prejudice or rejection.  Consequently, their ability to converse with non-Aboriginal people or access services is impeded and remains as one of biggest “gaps”.

Additionally, many Aboriginal people have not had the opportunity to develop life skills that enable them to identify opportunities that meet their aspirations or to realise their full potential. 

This workshop is designed for participants to plan their future through a process of developing an understanding of the steps to success and to explore personal barriers to progress. 

  • For further details and content - see expanded information under Workshops.

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