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Indigenious Women in Leadership

This program has been specifically designed for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women, however, can be adjusted to include women from all backgrounds.  The program aims to assist women to identify their leadership potential and how to develop the skills to become an effective Leader either now or in the future.

Content and Objectives

The program aims to assist participants to :

  • Understand How to Lead Effectively.

  • Develop Positive and Intercultural Communication Skills.

  • Understand the Benefits of Team Building, Goal Setting.

  • How Having A Business Mentor Can Help to Develop Your Leadership Qualities.

  • Understand Company Culture and Expectations.

  • Maintain Culture to Unlock Leadership Potential

  • Identify Strengths and Areas for Growth.

  • Understand How to Align Cultural and Corporate Responsibilities.

  • The Benefits of Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone and How this Contributes to Personal Development.

  • Understand the Differences between a Leader and a Manager.

  • Understand what it means to be an Authentic Leader.

The program is delivered over 2 full days.

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