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HR Recruitment

The HR Recruitment – Cultural Awareness Training has been designed specifically for HR and Recruitment personnel who are often the first point of contact for Aboriginal people when applying for work. This program is recommended to ensure that full consideration is given to Aboriginal people within the employment process; and to encourage the development of recruitment procedures that are culturally inclusive. Experience has shown that if Aboriginal employees remain in employment for at least 3-6 months, they have significantly improved long term employment retention rates. 

The workshop aims to create an employment environment that values and respects Aboriginal culture within the workplace and generally. Whilst the focus for this workshop is around the recruitment process, we feel it is vital to include an overview of the Aboriginal History of Australia and the Aboriginal Family & Kinship system within the content.

 HR Recruitment ACA Program Outline:

Session 1 – Historical Perspectives

This session will examine the effect of colonization on Aboriginal people, including past, present, continuing impact, and includes:

  • Overview of the time periods in the history of Aboriginal people.

  • Discussion and overview of past policies relating to Aboriginal people, which were implemented by Europeans.

  • Discussion of the implications of such policies and the continuing impact on Aboriginal people.

  • Discuss the effect the past history has had on non-Indigenous people – which is rarely considered.

  • This session includes a short DVD and a group workshop activity.

Session 2 – Aboriginal Kinship System

This session will provide an overview of the Aboriginal Kinship System which governs Aboriginal people and includes:

  • Overview of how Aboriginal families are structured.

  • How Kinship influences marriages and relationships within Aboriginal community.

  • Why Kinship continues is vital to the on-going preservation of Aboriginal culture.

  • Explore how this may implicate or impede the employment process and ways in which this can/may be managed.

Session 3 – Communication – Intercultural

This session examines general differences and various forms of communication between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, and 

  • Provides information about how culture dictates how Aboriginal people communicate.

  • Explores intercultural communication, barriers and consideration.

  • Explores strategies to overcome communication across cultures.



Session 4 – Company Aboriginal Affairs Commitment

This session will examine why Industry engages with Aboriginal people and groups; and

  • Provides an overview of the 1992 Mabo Decision, Native Title Act 1993, Aboriginal Land Use Agreements, Heritage Act 1972 and Social License to Operate.

  • Provides an overview of Company specific Indigenous Participation commitments, workforce targets and, where applicable, projects that have contractual obligations.

Session 5 – Indigenous Recruitment Process

This session will:

  • Discuss barriers that Aboriginal people face during the recruitment process.

  • Examine the role of HR & Recruitment in supporting company commitments to Indigenous Affairs.

  • Explore the development of Recruitment Strategies to ensure procedures are conducive to the needs of Aboriginal people.

  • Provide advice on culturally appropriate interviewing techniques when recruiting Indigenous persons.

  • Create an Employment Environment that values and respects Indigenous culture within the workplace and generally.


Session 6: - HR & Recruitment - Role in Supporting Company Commitment to Indigenous Affairs

This session will:

  • Enhance cooperation and build better working relationships between Aboriginal employees, groups, communities, and representatives of the company.

  • Provide information of barriers, considerations and techniques when recruiting Aboriginal people and discuss strategies for working with Aboriginal people.

  • Ensure that HR & Recruitment personnel understand their role in supporting the company commitment to Indigenous Affairs and participation.


The workshop focus will be to encourage companies to “change their culture” to be more open to working with Aboriginal people and to recognise communications barriers that continue to impede the recruitment process for Aboriginal applicants.

The HR & Recruitment workshop will play a vital role in regard to proposed “organisational cultural change.”

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