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Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

This program has been designed for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

Poor health within this country has become a national concern. The more we move away from traditional lifestyles and become aligned to a modern western lifestyle the more the health of many has declined.  Mental Health is a major concern and we are now seeing more people become victim to life-threatening illnesses.

What many people are unaware of is that food and diet play a major role in our emotional state of mind.  This workshop is designed for people to gain an insight into the role that food and water plays in not only our overall health, but more importantly our:

  • Social and Emotional Well being.

We eat more of the “feel good” foods – they may taste good, but are they good?

We eat less of the not so “attractive” or “traditional” foods - which is a major contributor to our current health crisis.  This workshop has been designed enable participants to learn how easy and simple lifestyle and dietary changes can improve their:

  • Social and Emotional Well being

  • Overall health

  • Productivity

  • Endurance and;

  • A better quality of life; to minimise the potential of serious illness and life-threatening diseases. 

Workshop Overview:

The overall focus of this workshop educates the audience about how food plays a critical part in our overall health and emotional well-being.

  • What that means?

  • What impact it can have on your body.

  • How what we eat can/may contribute to stress.

  • How stress contributes too many health issues and fatigue.

  • The overall impact on your work and family life.


Overall, the workshop is designed to motivate and educate people to improving overall health and emotional well-being: 

  • Although we talk about the notion of diet this is more an “all of life program”. 

  • Overall, our aim is to shift behavior towards “preventative self-care”.

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