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This program is designed for the bulk workforce who will have the most contact with Aboriginal co-workers.  It is designed to ensure they understand the differences in family structures and obligations, cultural sensitivities and how history has impacted on Aboriginal people both internally and externally.  Furthermore, many non-Aboriginal people do not understand why many companies must have Indigenous Participation Strategies and targets in place and what this mean to the broader workforce and the business. 

Session 1 – Historical Perspectives

This session will examine the effect of colonization on Aboriginal people, including past, present, continuing impact, and includes:

  • Overview of the time periods in the history of Aboriginal people.

  • Discussion and overview of past policies relating to Aboriginal people, which were implemented by Europeans.

  • Discussion of the implications of such policies and the continuing impact on Aboriginal people.

  • Discuss the effect the history has had on non-Indigenous people – which is rarely considered.

Session 2 – Aboriginal Kinship System

This session will provide an overview of the Aboriginal Kinship System which governs Aboriginal people and includes association to land, through the totem system; and:

  • Overview of how Aboriginal families are structured.

  • Information about how Kinship influences marriages and relationships within the Aboriginal community.

  • Why the Kinship system continues is vital to the on-going preservation of Aboriginal culture.

  • Explore how this may implicate or impede the employment process and ways in which this can/may be managed.

Session 3 – Communication – Intercultural

This session examines general differences and various forms of communication between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, and 

  • Provides information about how culture dictates how Aboriginal people communicate differently.

  • Explores intercultural communication – barriers and consideration.

  • Explores strategies to overcome communication across cultures.

Session 4 - Strategies for Working with Aboriginal People

This session will examine the impact of Aboriginal culture in the workplace, and includes:

  • Underlying issues and barriers to employment.

  • Development of strategies to develop better working relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

  • Development of retention strategies to retain and support Aboriginal employees.


The Generic ACA Workshop has been designed for the general workforce and includes an increased focus on Inter-cultural Communication and how the whole of the workforce has a role to play in supporting company commitments.   

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