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Fit for Work - Fit for Life

Whilst safety is a major focus within the workplace, having procedures and safety signs

in place is critical – but is it enough? 


Fatigue may be a major contributor to safety incidents and time off work.  An unhealthy lifestyle can also be a major contributor to fatigue and stress. Currently, we see many employees working long hours; therefore, the potential for illness and subsequent time off is increased. Equally in the current environment many people will “push through”, the fear of having too much time off - which then increases the potential for accidents to occur and for employees to be working whilst fatigued.

This workshop has been designed to educate employees of how easy and simple dietary changes can improve their:

  • Social and Emotional Well being

  • Overall health

  • Productivity

  • Endurance

  • And develop strategies to minimize  the potential of safety incidents, serious illness, and life-threatening diseases. 


Workshop Objective:

The overall focus of the program talks about the concept of an 80/20 diet.  Furthermore, how food play a critical part in our overall health and emotional well-being.

  • What that means?

  • What impact it can have on your body.

  • The impact if the diet is reversed – 20/80?

    • How the diet contributes to stress.

    • How stress contributes too many health issues and fatigue.

  • The overall impact on your work and family life.


Overall, this workshop is designed to motivate people to improve their overall health and emotional well-being.  Have you ever wondered why “supposedly” healthy and active people and sometimes young, fall victim to life-threatening illnesses while others who lead not so healthy active lifestyles don’t? This workshop aims to give participants an insight into the critical role that food and water plays in overall social and emotional well-being.  Although we talk about the notion of diet this is more a way of life program.  However, many people associate food with diet, whether good or bad.

  • Consequently, the way people think about their body leads to the way they treat it.

  • Our aim is to shift behavior towards “self-care” and heightened well-being.

  • Therefore, providing benefits to the company, individuals, and their families.

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