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Fit for Work / Fit for Life

As an employer you know that employees who are fit and healthy, will help the bottom line. 

Whilst safety is a major focus within the workplace, having procedures and safety signs in place is critical – but is it enough?  Fatigue may be a major contributor to safety incidents and time off work.  An unhealthy lifestyle can also be a major contributor to fatigue and stress. 


In this day and age, we see many employees working long hours; therefore

the potential for illness and subsequent time off is increased. 

Equally in the current environment many people will “push through”, the fear of having too much time off - which then increases the potential for accidents to occur and for employees to be working whilst fatigued.

This workshop aims to give participants an insight into the critical role that food and water plays in overall social and emotional well-being. 


Although we talk about the notion of diet this is more a way of life program.

  • For further details and content - see expanded information under Workshops.

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