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Coaching & Mentoring

Christine has been providing mentoring and coaching services for many years.  This includes both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Coaching and Mentoring Services include:

Mentoring support services for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people is designed to provide guidance in entering the workforce or a new company and support to increase workforce participation, understand the workplace culture, assist in retention, and career progression. 

Mentoring and support services for non-Aboriginal people, usually centres around Managers and Supervisors who may be unfamiliar with issues that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people face in contemporary environment.  Services are designed to help them to develop a better understanding of the communication and cultural barriers that relate to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders and assist them to communicate and manage in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner.

The above services are complimented by the Mentoring, Cultural Competency and Cultural Supervisor Training for non-Aboriginal people and for Aboriginal people, the Balancing both Worlds, Leadership and Personal Development workshops.

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