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Balancing Both Worlds

This workshop has been designed specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.  This workshop will enhance participants understanding of the business environment, company expectations and how to balance both their cultural obligations and responsibilities as an employee.


Session 1: Company Expectations – Employee Obligations

This session will will include:

  • Increase knowledge of internal structures and processes.

  • Identify linkages to RAP, Diversity Policy, and this training.

  • Discuss and explore company expectations of employees.

  • Develop strategies to manage work, family and community obligations.

  • Explore external factors that may impact from time to time – including stress.

  • Develop strategies to be able to operate in a professional manner.


Session 2: Intercultural Communication

This session will provide participants with a better understanding of:

  • The development of communication skills that enable them to improve their working relationships with non-Aboriginal people.

  • Considerations and barriers that apply to intercultural communication.

  • Explore perceptions from both an Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal perspective.

  • Explores strategies to overcome communication across cultures and the ability to have appropriate conversations


Session 3: Team Building & Goal Setting


This session will include:

  • Team Building – understanding the benefits of working in a team and the role of individuals in a large work team.

  • Goal setting – benefits of setting goals and how this can assist them to maintain their employment, achieve career progression plans and personal goals.

  • Discuss benefits of setting short, medium- and long-term goals and the need to review and track goals.

  • Understanding the principles and the value of establishing a business mentor/mentee relationship and how this will benefit both working relationships and personal development.


Session 4: Strategies for Working with Non-Indigenous Employees


This session will include:

  • Developing networking and influencing skills to build relationships with other Indigenous staff, work teams and managers, and others within the larger work force.

  • Building the confidence to ask questions, consult and collaborate.

  • A Strength Based Activity – designed to enable participants to identify their current strengths and skills.  Further to open conversations about the hard stuff in life as well as nurturing new ways of thinking about life’s possibilities.

  • Guest Speaker - Manager – designed to assist Aboriginal employees to understand employer expectations for a company perspective – firsthand.  


This workshop will enable participants to have a deeper understanding of the training elements and tools to set goals and achieve success. Further to have a greater understanding of  non-Indigenous cultures and how quite often perceptions from “one-to-the-other” can be quite different, but how we all need to be considerate of other cultures and how do we best do that.

Through an increased self-awareness and understanding the needs of others, participants will develop the emotional intelligence to manage relationships, technical skills and have a better understanding of their own aspirations and abilities and; 

“To be confident in their own identity both as an employee of the company and as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person.”

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