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Introduction – Christine Coyne & Associates (CCA)


Christine Coyne has been providing Specialist Aboriginal Engagement and Training Services in a career spanning more than 35 years.  She is a Bibulmun Noongar woman originating from Gnowangerup in WA.  Prior to establishing her own business in 2013, Christine Coyne managed a range of Aboriginal Employment Projects for some of this country’s major employers. 

During this time Christine was involved in the development of a multitude of Company Specific Aboriginal Participation Strategies, Training Programs, Aboriginal Participation Tender submissions, and the Tender review process.

Christine delivered outstanding results whilst working on one of the largest LNG construction projects undertaken in Western Australia, the Woodside Pluto LNG Project as Aboriginal Participation Manager, where the Aboriginal employment targets established for the project were exceeded during a period of severe labour shortage.  This included Indigenous Business Contracting targets also being exceeded, with over 14 Indigenous businesses being contracted over the duration of the construction project.

Her experience covers both the private and public sectors providing her with a unique insight into Aboriginal Affairs and politics.  She has demonstrated a capability to not only develop Aboriginal Employment Strategies at a National, State and Regional level but also to manage the implementation to deliver sustainable outcomes.  Christine’s expertise, experience and skills are unique within the construction industry. Throughout her employment history she has developed extensive networks within industry and government.

As an Aboriginal person she is able to understand the barriers that many Aboriginal people face within industry and the broader community and is able to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner.  She has an in-depth knowledge and understands the different learning styles that apply to Aboriginal people in a contemporary environment.  Christine has worked extensively with Aboriginal people throughout the country; this includes Aboriginal people who are city based as well as those from remote and regional locations.  She has an extensive knowledge of the differences that apply between contemporary and traditional Aboriginal communities and groups. 

She is an experienced Aboriginal Cultural Awareness presenter with over 26 years’ experience in training delivery. She developed and facilitated the very first Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training program for the Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIWA) in the early 1990’s.  Christine has since delivered and written several Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Workshops, Training Programs, Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Manuals and Facilitator Guides.  She has also been involved in the training of other Aboriginal Facilitators.    Christine currently delivers Aboriginal Cultural Awareness and other training programs to many private sector companies and government departments. 

She in an engaging facilitator and works well with people from all backgrounds.  Since establishing her own Consulting Company, she has continued to develop several new workshops tailored both for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. 

More recently Christine has:

  • Become a major shareholder and Director of an Engineering Company based in Karratha – Red Rock Services. 

  • Has established a new company – Jumpin Outaya Skin which includes  range of Interior Design Nutritionals , Natural Skin, Hair and Body Care products.

  • Christine is currently in the process of developing a number of eLearning programs, which we be available as alternate training delivery option.

  • Developed the capacity to deliver all training programs “virtually” as a direct result of the COVID19 and an alternate delivery model.

Christine is innovative and passionate about empowering people to become more aware of themselves and others, contributing to a more empathetic community. 




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