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Cultural Awareness

Christine has developed an extensive range of customised and audience specific Cultural Awareness Training workshops.  This ensures that the topics covered are relevant to the level of involvement participants will have with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

For example:

Leaders and Executives will have less contact with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people on a daily basis.  However, they will need to ensure that the whole of the workforce support the company policy, commitments, and objectives of either an inhouse Aboriginal Engagement Strategy or Reconciliation Action Plan. Therefore, this workshop will have a greater focus on the Leader’s role in supporting Indigenous Affairs commitments.

Managers and Supervisors are required to supervise and manage day to day issues that may arise.  Therefore, there involvement will be of a differing nature and they will need to understand how to manage Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employees taking into consideration cultural differences and differing communication techniques.  There will be a greater focus on managing day to day issues, intercultural communication, and how to implement best practice in the performance management of Indigenous staff and explore different learning styles that apply to  Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employees.


Generic – the bulk workforce will have the most contact with Aboriginal employees daily.  They will need to understand what are the differences that apply when working and communicating with Aboriginal co-workers.  This workshop has an increased focus on intercultural communication, strategies for working Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, as well as “employee’ expectations of the company.

  • Please refer to each workshop for course objectives and content.

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