Recruitment and Resourcing

Workshop Objectives

Provide an overview of the history of Aboriginal Australia.
Enhance cooperation, communication and build better working relationships between Aboriginal employees, groups and company representatives.
Gain an understanding of the cultural issues faced by Aboriginal people within the resource sector or workforce generally.
Develop an understanding of recruitment and interviewing techniques that will assist both HR and Recruitment specialists and Aboriginal applicants applying for work.
Provide an overview of the Company Aboriginal Affairs commitment.

Recruitment & Resourcing ACA Workshop Program Outline

Session 1 – Historical Perspectives
This session will examine the effect of colonization on Aboriginal people, including past, present and continuing impact.

Session 2 - Aboriginal Family & Kinship System
This session will provide an overview of the (extended) Aboriginal Kinship System which governs Aboriginal people and includes association to land through the totem system.

Session 3 – Communication – Intercultural
This session examines general differences and various forms of communication between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, and explores intercultural communication barriers and considerations and strategies to overcome communication across cultures.

Session 4 – Culturally Appropriate Aboriginal Recruitment Strategies
This session will provide an overview of issues that apply to Aboriginal people when applying for employment and provide knowledge of the issues and barriers that may apply to Aboriginal people and impede the employment process.


The Recruitment and Resourcing ACA Workshop has been designed to meet the specific needs of HR and Recruitment personnel.  HR and Recruitment specialists are the generally the first point of contact for Aboriginal applicants.  Both parties have had limited exposure to each other.  
There are a number of issues and barriers that Aboriginal people face when seeking employment and throughout the recruitment process.  This workshop aims to educate HR and Recruitment specialists with knowledge of issues and communication barriers that apply to Aboriginal people when seeking employment.

The workshop incorporates the complete application process.  This workshop has been designed to assist in the development of recruitment processes that are conducive to the needs of Aboriginal people.  Providing information on techniques that will assist when communicating with and interviewing Aboriginal applicants.

Whilst there will be an increased focus on Aboriginal recruitment practices and processes the program will also include Aboriginal History, Family Relationships and Intercultural Communication.   This workshop is interactive and includes group workshops and discussions.

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