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“Ready for Take-off”

Workshop Objectives

To provide a framework of information that addresses the needs of families and worker in a way that promotes a common understanding of the issues and strategies; so  they can address these together.

“Ready for Take-off”

Workshop content includes:

    Fifo Lifestyle
        Motivation and planning as a family to reflect your goals.
        Considerations to decisions.
    What does life on site look like.
        A day
    Workplace environment
        OH&S considerations
        Emotionally dealing with routine and isolation
        Relationships on site with non-Aboriginal staff, traditional owners and country
        Communication technology
    Affects on family
        Family events
        Considerations for a “good  family and worker fit” for Fifo
        Common family challenges
        Risk and protective factors
        Transition cycles
    Strategies - What works
        Financial management
        Couple /adult relationships
        Children’s needs
    Tips from Fifo Families and Aboriginal Fifo workers.

The program includes a workshop activity.  The course duration is 4 hours.