Corporate Level Workshop

Workshop Objectives

Provide an overview of the history of Aboriginal Australia.
Provide an overview of the (extended) Aboriginal family and kinship system.
Provide an overview of the general principles of Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) and how Aboriginal Affairs is aligned to (CSR).
Confirm the company commitment to Aboriginal Affairs..
Enhance cooperation and build better working relationships between Aboriginal communities, family groups and representatives of the company.
Provide an overview of considerations and barriers that apply to intercultural communication.
Discuss Leaders role in supporting the company Aboriginal Affairs Commitment.

Corporate ACA Program Outline

Session 1 – Historical Perspectives and Aboriginal Family and Kinship System
This session will examine the effect of colonization on Aboriginal people, including past, present and continuing impact.

Session 2 - Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)
This session will provide an overview of CSR and how Aboriginal participation is aligned to CSR.

Session 3 – Company Policy and Aboriginal Affairs Commitment
This session will examine why Industry engages with Aboriginal people and groups and provide an overview of the company Aboriginal affairs commitments.

Session 4 – Communication – Intercultural
This session examines general differences and various forms of communication between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and explores intercultural communication barriers and considerations and strategies to overcome communication across cultures.

Session 5 - Leaders Role in Supporting Company Aboriginal Affairs Commitment
The success of any strategy relies on the “whole of the business” participating rather than individuals in specialist roles. This session will discuss the responsibility of Executives and Senior Managers role in supporting Aboriginal Affairs commitments.


The Corporate ACA Workshop is targeted the Executive and Senior Management.

CCA recommend this workshop as the first stage in implementing a company Aboriginal Affairs Strategy.  This ensures that Leaders are aware of the company’s overall objectives, targets and commitments prior to the workshops being delivered to the larger workforce.  More importantly in understanding the role of Leaders in influencing the success of the Aboriginal Affairs Strategy.
By comparison to the general workforce, Executives, Senior Managers, Project Managers and Supervisors interaction with Aboriginal employees is generally minimal.  This workshop has been condensed by comparison to the generic program.  
There will an increased focus on the “importance” Leaders and senior management play in supporting the company Aboriginal Affairs commitments.  

The duration for this workshop is 2.5 – 3 hours.

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